Using the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate as visual aid for learning

by Kevin Sprecher

Resister or Releaser?

by Jason Carbone

Using your feet to improve your swing

by John Dunigan

A STEP towards better golf

by John Dunigan

Learn how to improve you consistency and distance by using your feel properly

by Kevin Sprecher

Improving GRF’s for better Performance and Injury Prevention

by Chase Cooper

Creating a higher ball flight, with more power and speed

by Jason Carbone

Clue Collection, Correlation, Correction

by Cameron McCormick

Dynamic Aiming

by Erik Blomqvist

Change pressure movement for increased Torque & Injury prevention

by Shaun Webb

Load properly to move freely

by Tyler Parsons

Building Stability and Awareness

by Jordan Lintz

Setup Adjustment for Increased Range of Motion

by Ben Smock

“Unweight” the lead foot

by Jeff Smith

Adjust stance width to improve CoP trace

by Rob Noel

Change body shape to help achieve desired pressure distribution

by Richard Spence

A clean CoP trace will help improve consistency

by Todd Kolb

Improve the CoP trace and change the Club Path

by Graham Cunningham

Improve your ground interaction

by Dennis Kwon

Know your tendencies

by Tony Ruggiero

Getting pressure off the trail foot

by Justin Bruton

Plane and path

by Guy Wilson

How to master solid contact

by Steve Bann

Too much pressure on the front foot too early in the downswing

by Andrew Rice

Shift more pressure to the back foot

by Duncan Woolger

Pressure distribution “Checkpoints”

by Jeff Isler

Weak grip and low left shoulder

by Lakchai Thongsripong

Maintain pressure on the back foot

by Darren Webster-Clarke

Early extension

by Bernie Najar

Increase distance, lengthen the backswing

by Chris Gibson

Shifting pressure in the downswing

by Michael Jacobs

Lower the ball flight

by Tom Motley

More shoulder tilt at impact

by Nathan Page

Timing the pressure shift

by Mike Granato