“The Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate is used everyday with our golfers here at my home club The Ledges of Huntsville. I use multiple technologies in my coaching but my Swing Cat 3D Motion Plate is the only piece of tech I use everyday. The 3D Motion Plate with video software has without a doubt made me smarter, takes the guesswork out of play, and allows my coaching business to run much more efficiently! The ability to measure a golfers kinetics throughout their motion with the use of the force plate has helped my understanding why golfers do what they do. Additionally, being able to look at a golfers GRFs, launch monitor data, and swing video on one easy to view screen was one of the biggest factors that led me to choosing Swing Catalyst! Thanks guys for developing such an awesome coaching tool that has really helped our golfers in a positive way and has allowed me to implement better golf within minutes out of each individual golfer that walks through the doors!”