Swing Catalyst Users

Meet our pros and the Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

Tour players


“Golf is a sport where you’re constantly pushing yourself to do more and learn more. With the insight I gain from using Swing Catalyst, I’m arming myself with the information I need to make sure I have the strongest foundation possible.”



“I am always striving to get the most out of my game so when it comes practicing I like to have any and all information at my fingertips, Swing Catalyst gives me all that and more. Since using Swing Catalyst I have been able to pinpoint exactly where in my golf swing I can find some more power.”



“In my quest to be the best player I can be, Swing Catalyst helps me leave no stone unturned and gives me confidence I’m always working on sound principles. I feel I have also learned what it takes to create speed and power by using Swing Catalyst.”


Tour coaches


“I have used video technology and other peripheral tools for many years to decent effect, as my record reflects. Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plates and software have made me realize that I was only using the X-ray machine to diagnose problems! Our 3D Motion Plates serve as the MRI to look deeply into things and it has taken my coaching to a whole new level. It is no longer an opinion, but cold-hard facts, evidence-driven coaching. I can quantify any intervention and tangibly display what was once mainly intellectual property. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve still got to teach, communicate, play detective, understand cause and effect along with coming up with simple solutions. But this technology allows me to make a more informed choice showing the student as much or as little as I feel they need at that time. Another overlooked and powerful use is archiving my players at their peak. Obviously, it’s great to have a vault to refer back to as it allows players to get back on track quicker, ‘Performance by Design’ I call it. All made possible by Swing Catalyst.”


“One of the reasons I bought my first Swing Catalyst plate back in 2010 was not only to help my players get better but to help me understand the golf swing better. The Swing Catalyst has helped me with countless college and professional players, but the surprising benefit is how much it has helped me get the club level golfer learn faster, play better and lower their handicaps quicker!”


“Throughout my career, I have tried to stay current with advances in my profession.  Swing Catalyst allows me to do this.  Not only having CoP tracing but also ground forces application in all three dimensions allow me to pinpoint swing errors in a much quicker time frame and adds another metric when paired with video and launch monitor info.  Thanks Swing Catalyst!”


“Some of the most important aspects of any effective golf swing — such as timing, rhythm and ‘using the ground’ — are often elusive quantities for many golfers. Swing Catalyst is the most powerful technology I have found for getting immediate feedback in order to help a player develop these fundamentals in a way that fits their own unique swing. With its ability to integrate video analysis, radar data and ground reaction force measurements, Swing Catalyst is the complete tool to aid a Coach in the training of a player of any skill level.”


“I am constantly striving to learn new and improved ways to maximize the efficiency in a player’s swing. Appreciating the importance of ground forces in the development of an effective golf swing, the Swing Catalyst system is unique in that it allows me to examine pressure-shift patterns and balance; information that I couldn’t ascertain if I were to rely on video alone.”


“Following my philosophy of…measure twice, cut once and leave an athlete’s functional fingerprint intact; it’s imperative that the diagnostics and assessments I make equip me with valid actionable insight. For this reason I trust in Swing Catalyst to help me see beyond the visible; pairing together high-speed motion video with ground force traces and accompanying collision dynamics and shot results, they are pushing the boundaries in technology to aid in player development.”

Swing Catalyst Ambassadors

Martin Stecher



“Having the ability to accurately measure, assess and track each student’s progress is a major game changer. The combination between the Swing Catalyst Force Plate and the industries leading Video Analysis Software on the same screen, has allowed my students to be their own best coach!”

Sarah Stone


“The golf industry today is moving towards more ground force measurement in coaching and instruction – therefore coaches like myself need to have a valuable tool to measure our clients’ movement in their golf swing. I use the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate with video in my day to day coaching and love being able to provide expert coaching with measured results to my clients. I put a majority of my clients on the Plate – from new players up to expert level golfers. It’s been a terrific tool for showing my clients how important their connection is to the ground and what effect it has on their ability to create speed in their golf swing. I am excited to continue to learn about what it can show me as a coach and how I can apply it to my coaching. It’s a valuable tool for coaches and players alike.”

Sergio Coyle Diez


“I’m delighted to be in a partnership with Swing Catalyst as one of their ambassadors. Firstly, I was very excited knowing that I could integrate all my technology with the latest in ground reaction force technology. My previous setup was very time-consuming and expensive. With Swing Catalyst’s latest software and hardware, I can now deliver a more professional experience to my players and their information is displayed very quickly and in a much more organized and professional manner. During the covid-19 pandemic I realised that the golf swing starts from the ground up and I really wanted to understand exactly how it happens! How does my player interact with ground? Thanks to my new plates this information enables me to be more precise in my coaching as I’m delivering facts and not opinion. My job as a coach is to make my players better quicker by providing a premium learning experience that they enjoy and improve in.”

Henrik "Hempa" Lundqvist


Marco Müntnich


“I have always considered golf as a two-connection game – players, managing the connection between their feet and ground plus their connection between their hands and the golfclub in a functional way, will give themselves better chances to shot lower scores on the course.  In our academy we like to provide the most accurate datas to our players, take the guesswork out of the training process and track their progress over time – that‘s why we installed the SwingCatalyst System in 2019.”

Leon Marks


Photo of Mark Crossfield


Photo of Don Sargent Jr.

Sargent Jr.

Photo of Jeff Isler


“As an early adopter of new technology, I knew almost immediately that the products from Swing Catalyst would change and improve the ways coaches evaluate, analyze, and teach their students. My instinct was correct – the suite of Swing Catalyst products has become required technology for any coach that wants access to the critical information needed to help students improve their game and lower their scores. From their great video software products to their best-in-class balance plate and motion plate technology, Swing Catalyst is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the golf industry.

On a personal note, the Swing Catalyst team is made up of dedicated individuals who are determined to provide the best solutions available in the marketplace. I can say without hesitation that I’m grateful to be on the Swing Catalyst team and I appreciate the great ongoing support I receive from them whenever I need help.”


“The switch to Swing Catalyst has simplified my teaching offerings from having to switch between launch monitor, pressure mat and video apps to consolidating all this information in one spot. This single offering approach is not only easier for me to show and explain where the motion, club and ball are, but it is infinitely easier for my students to see all their relevant pressure, ball and club data in one place. I only wish I had done it earlier!”


“Having had the opportunity to teach now for several years using both the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate and the 3D Motion Plate has been instrumental to problem solving student issues with their impact. Additionally, the information gives me and the student the feedback necessary to induce improvement. Instructors who use this technology understand how a golfer uses the ground to influence impact dynamics as well as speed and consistency.”


Kim Jidong


“I’ve used so many softwares before, but they were not integrated with other systems. I’ve had to use different computers and monitors to run different software during the lesson, but Swing Catalyst software is easy to use, runs very smoothly and integrates with other software like the Flightscope X3 in real time. With the Balance Plate, I can measure exactly what students do during the swing. I do not need to guess anymore, to prove my theory. I believe all instructors must learn new things and adapt the new technology like ground reaction force. I’m so happy to use Swing Catalyst and the Balance Plate to open up for new teaching methods.”


“Swing Catalyst has exceeded my expectations since the first day we got it.  I did a lot of research on both different software and different motion capture systems.  In the end, I found the best of both worlds in Swing Catalyst.  Even if I wasn’t purchasing any type of ground force plates, I still would have purchased the Swing Catalyst software by itself.  When we decided to add a Balance Plate in one bay and the 3D Motion Plate in the other, it became the finest integrated teaching system I’ve ever used.  Our ability to catalog swings, track improvement, create better forces and torques, and seamlessly navigate through a lesson, affirmed our decision to implement Swing Catalyst to its full extent.  No other system can compare.”


“I’ve always been a big believer in the old saying, ‘Why guess when you can measure?’ At the Hal Sutton Golf Academy, we use every piece of technology available to help our players improve and that starts with our Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate. Understanding how our players interact with the ground gives us a huge advantage when diagnosing their golf swings. From the software interface to the data provided (pressure trace and forces), we’ve absolutely loved using this plate for the past 2 years.”


“Partnering with Swing Catalyst has truly reinforced our philosophy of developing functional patterns rather than just one model. This partnership has drastically improved our ability to get right to the problem prohibiting a player from reaching their ball control potential. The pressure trace technology is the best in the business and the video software has proven be just as elite. We have used Swing Catalyst with great success for all levels of golfers. Thank you to Swing Catalyst for allowing us to increase our player development to an even higher level”


“As we are straining and striving to be our very best; demands as coaches, trainers, and players is to utilize the best resources available. Swing Catalyst has provided that service through their video software that integrates radar data and ground reaction force measurements, 3D Motion and Balance Plates, and most importantly, a user interface that anyone can use.”


“I’ve measured pressure data for over ten years because I believe the feet and legs are the keys to swinging consistently and powerfully. Since installing my Swing Catalyst 3D motion plate, I have been able to dig even deeper into GRF with my students. The data helps them learn faster and maintain the swing changes.  The improvements have led to significant increases in club speed and consistency with my players. The software interface is easy to use, reliable, and syncs with my launch monitors. I highly recommend the Swing Catalyst system and wish I would have purchased one years ago!”


“Swing catalyst is an essential part of my coaching formula. It catches ‘blind’ information, allowing me to better understand the student’s ground interaction.

With more than 2000 high-resolution sensors, the student gets a real feel of the center of pressure during the live biofeedback mode, generating also a better torque and forces on their feet during the swing. Knowing how the pressure shifts and how the ground reaction forces work is essential in every swing.

The software is more than great and elegant. I can integrate and store all the data I get from Swing Catalyst, GCQuad, video analysis and K-Coach in one store and my students have access to it, using the Swing Catalyst App.

I’m proud to be part of the Swing Catalyst Team!”


“The Swing Catalyst Motion Plate has allowed me and my instructors to validate what we see in the motions of our golfers and also allows us to see things that in the past we may have missed. Being able to measure the Kinetics that produce the kinematics of the body and then compare the two is invaluable in seeing why one golfer’s motion is efficient and another isn’t even though the two look similar on video. Swing Catalyst’s motion plate is one of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment to come into the golf instruction business in years.”


“Installing the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate allows me to measure the kinematic forces that drive the golfer’s kinematics.  If you want to solve a problem, you need to get to the cause, and measuring the Ground Reaction Forces is the only way to truly understand why the players do what they do.  It allows my clients to quantify their feels and move forward with a great cause and effective understanding of their golf swing.”


“About four years ago I went on a search for the next great piece of technology to add to 2D video and Trackman. I wanted a tool that was a measurable, a tool that could help players of all skill levels and a tool with a team behind it that would help me grow as a coach. As I applied these desires it became obvious that Balance Plate was the tool and Swing Catalyst was the company. I could not be happier with the support I have received from the technical team, the education I have been afforded by Dr. Scott Lynn, or the relationships I have built with some of the top coaches in the world. In the end, it is all about making the athlete you are coaching the best version of themselves that you can, and Swing Catalyst offers an avenue like no other to do that.”


“My philosophy of coaching starts with ‘no stone unturned’. I want to know as much as I can so that I deliver coaching in the simplest terms, but I must have great data to base my prescriptive process upon. Furthermore, the forces and torques at the hands and feet are essential to my golfers getting everything out of their swing. I absolutely love being able to analyze the foot forces and pressure data with my Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate so that I can, again, keep my coaching as simple, yet accurate, as possible. On top of that, the Swing Cat user interface is just plain fantastic!”


“Feedback, understanding and communication are the fundamentals in our teaching at La Manga Club and now, with the help of Swing Catalyst, we can improve on all those areas. The Balance Plate gives our students direct feedback combining feel with visualization. The integration with TrackMan and the high-speed cameras facilitate better understanding, and the software helps us to communicate with our students on a higher level. I’m honored to be an ambassador for Swing Catalyst and being a part of this innovative team!”


“I absolutely love the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate! Since installing the system at Cool Clubs, the results I have been getting with numerous PGA Tour players and regular golfers have been astounding with #clubheadspeedgains of 5-20 MPH. Using customized ground reaction force patterns for each player I can validate or disprove swing changes very quickly and efficiently and create a personalized program that isn’t possible without the feedback from the 3D Motion Plate.”


“There are two primary reasons that I chose Swing Catalyst.  First, they have fantastic products that measure foot pressure and ground reaction forces with a degree of accuracy and consistency that is research quality.  Second, they not only have a support team that will provide me with the practical help needed to use the products, the team will also provide ongoing education to speed up the learning process that comes along with integrating new technology into an instruction program.  A significant secondary benefit of teaming up with Swing Catalyst is that I will now be able to run one software program to see three kinds of information: Swing Catalyst data, TrackMan data and video synchronized with Swing Catalyst data.  The software is very elegant and highly customizable.  It became clear that teaming up with Swing Catalyst would make me a better coach, so I moved forward and am very glad that I did.”


“Swing Catalyst has opened a whole new world to both players and coaches alike. In the past I was only able to teach with my 2D cameras, leaving so many unanswered questions. The Balance Plate offers the player immediate pressure feedback during all aspects of the students’ motion, from putting to the full swing which even the best trained eyes could not pick up in the past. With the integration of Video, Balance Plate and Foresight with HMT, invaluable information is all on one screen with graphics second to none in the industry.”


“I have been using the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate for years now. It measures what a 2D camera can only guess at, and in my business guessing is not acceptable. The system is very easy to learn to use and the certification process is the best and most rigorous that I have experienced. Dr. Scott Lynn makes the complexity of ground force reactions very easy to understand and more importantly to apply to my students. I feel that Swing Catalyst also has the best software for golf instruction. All of the 3D Motion Plate data, video, and Trackman numbers are all on one easy to read screen. I could not teach without it.”


”We know from our own experience that ground connection and the ability to understand your own body in time and space is vital to be able to achieve a repeatable swing that will transfer to the course and better scores. Swing Catalyst is excellent tool to help players understand and feel their personal optimum way of movement in relation to ball and target. We at Pickala Golf Academy are proud to have it as a central part of our service to players of all levels that we work with. We highly recommend it!”


“I have been using the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate for almost 5 years now and it has opened my eyes to elements in the golf swing that I never knew existed. With it I feel like I have the ability to look behind the curtain and really understand what’s happening in a golf swing. Without a doubt Swing Catalyst has helped to make me a better golf coach.”


“As an avid student of the game, I’m always looking for the best ways to help my students and enhance my knowledge of the game.  Since adding Swing Catalyst to my instruction program, I’ve been extremely pleased with the performance of the balance and motion plate.  Additionally, I’m a big fan of the seamless software integration that Swing Catalyst provides so that your video files, launch monitor data, and pressure plate data is stored within each clip.  These benefits, along with Swing Catalyst’s fantastic support team, have made owning Swing Catalyst a great experience.”


“Using Swing Catalyst has added another important element to the equation when it comes to quickly diagnosing and improving movement patterns.  Understanding how the golfer is interacting with the ground and ultimately transferring energy into the club (through 3D motion analysis)  gives me a complete picture of the golf swing and allows me to be a better instructor.”


“I started using Swing Catalyst in June 2015. The system has enabled me to make improvements with my students in a shorter period of time than I had ever experienced before. The system presents information in a way that is easy for the pupil to understand. I would now say that it’s impossible to give an in-depth analysis of a pupil’s swing without using the Swing Catalyst system.”


“Our clients’ golf game is very important to us! As one of six Balance Golf Developers in Sweden, I want to make sure that the golfer will develop all parts of their game. This includes everything from reducing stress to the body, increasing the efficiency of energy-transfer to the golf ball, improving the course management and to make sure of controlling and repeating a consistent impact. With the Swing Catalyst system (3D Motion Plate and the 4 video cameras), we are able to measure and determine the development of our clients. I am very satisfied with the Swing Catalyst System and I recommend it to all colleagues I meet.”

Guillaume Biaugeaud


“Swing Catalyst is for me the only measurement unit that you can use from beginners to Tour Pros. It’s a must-have piece of equipment if you want to learn and improve your teaching skills, if you want to improve your players’ game faster and if you want to increase your business and income. It’s so easy to set up, use and understand that you will not be able to teach without it anymore. The high frame rate of the cams with the very high precision of the balance and force plate will let no chance for guessing, and all your players’ profiles will be very clear and more easy to improve. The relation between the feet and the ground is, for me, simply the most important thing to work on if you want to improve your players’ ball striking. With Swing Catalyst you will work on stability improvement, on increasing power and a lot more.”


“The Combination of high-speed video, balance and force plate data along with launch monitor integration makes Swing Catalyst the premier system for golf coaches who desire the best in analysis technology.”


“Every golfer is unique in how they swing the club in time and space. Only by being able to combine high-speed video, swing radar information, and understanding the students’ ground reaction pattern am I truly able to create a swing blueprint for each golfer. Swing Catalyst’s ability to integrate all three into a real-time application gives me the keys to proceed with each student. The traces I get from Swing Catalyst help me to guide each student into the changes necessary to help them use the ground more efficiently and create more power, resulting in longer, straighter shots. The Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate is the Ferrari of all force and pressure plates. Thank you Swing Cat for giving me a better set of eyes to evaluate and implement change in each student.”


“I have been using the system for over 18 months now and it has transformed my coaching. The best part about using the plates and software is I am no longer guessing by just using 2D video. With the pressure data at hand I can see how the players are using the ground and the forces that create the swing motion. By understanding the GRF within a player’s swing and how they were using the ground to generate the motion, we were able to focus in a specific area of which we have now increased the players’ swing speeds by 7 MPH. Along with the increase in speed we have gained consistency in strike and direction focusing in on his pressure shifts.”