Video Analysis

Swing Catalyst is a comprehensive and powerful video analysis tool, used by over 1/4 of the 50 best golf teachers in America.
Record video from up to four cameras, including high-speed cameras or import videos straight from your smartphone, and analyze your swings with drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay, and side by side comparison.

Balance Plate

The Balance Plate consists of more than 2000 high-resolution pressure sensors, which provide detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution, real time center of pressure (CoP), and CoP patterns. These details cannot be seen by the human eye and adds and extra dimension to golf instruction.

Motion Plate

The Motion Plate is a unique combination of our balance plate and force plate. This technology enables joint analysis of detailed foot pressure data and CoP patterns combined with horizontal and vertical force measurements, in addition to torque.

Dual Force Plate

The Dual Force plate provides information about the individual contribution of the left and right foot in developing ground reaction forces (GRFs) necessary to produce powerful and accurate golf shots, which takes golf instruction to yet another level.


Use the app to capture and analyze swings on the go. It can also be used to share swings with an instructor or friends, or compare swings to tour professionals.